The Meaning of Life–Who Cares?


According to the ancient Yoga sages

Questioning the meaning of life

While living

Is like questioning the meaning of a roller coaster

In the middle of a roller coaster ride.

Or like questioning the meaning of love

In the middle of lovemaking.

Who cares when something is so amazing?

The amazement IS the meaning.

The amazement IS the ultimate reality.

The amazement IS the life-force of the universe

All around us and within us

Far beyond our ability

To absorb or comprehend.

The amazement IS what some call God

And the ancient sages called Brahman.

In the midst of the ups and downs

Of life and love

Just relax, breathe deeply

And experience the infinite thrill

of the amazing ride.

6 Responses to “The Meaning of Life–Who Cares?”

  1. Agree with all that but surprised to hear that the ancient yoga sages knew about roller coasters… ;-)

  2. Well, yes, we’re uncovering a lot we didn’t know about the ancient sages.

    You must have read “Bhagagad Gita–As It Is”.

    I read “Bhagavad Gita–As I Imagine It”!

  3. Love it. Get it. Totally. Communion with the Infinite is just a roller-coaster ride away. Now I know why they have always been my favorite ride. Thanks for this!

  4. Thanks, Lindsay. Glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Love the poem! Am perplexed as to why many of us lament the past and worry about the future. Intellectually I understand living in the moment, it’s the actual embracing each moment that causes the rub for me.

  6. Thanks for commenting, Mark.

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