Yoga Demystified: The Six Big Ideas

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Yoga philosophy is sublimely simple, profound, and livable.  Yet it can be
difficult to grasp because of its unfamiliar language and complex history.

My aim here is to capture the essence of Yoga philosophy in plain English,
with a touch of fun. I hope beginners will be inspired to learn more and
experienced Yoga practitioners will come away refreshed and energized.

Bob Weisenberg, Editor
Best of Yoga Philosophy

 (former Assoc. Publisher, elephant journal)

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An excerpt of this site was published in Yoga in America, now available FREE ONLINE:

Passion, Diversity, and Enlightenment
In the Words of Some of
Yoga’s Most Ardent Teachers

23 Responses to “Yoga Demystified: The Six Big Ideas”

  1. I just wanted to say THANK YOU! What an amazing site and resource. It’s so hard to find authentic (yes, I do hate that word…) yoga these days, let alone where to go to learn about it if you’re not leaving the states.

    (Not to mention the picture above is breathtaking.) Thank you so much!


  2. Bob, just saw (listened to) your flamenco site. You are amazingly and diversely talented! Wow!!

  3. Thanks so much, Green Spell.

  4. My last two weeks have been concentrating on no complaining and turning ever breath into “a bite of chocolate”. Thanks for such a great resource! Namaste

  5. Thanks for writing, Mandy. I love hearing stories like that.

  6. I really like your e-book. Especially the plain language …. This should be a narrated video or slideshow. Bob, if you collect image for a slideshow and want to narrate I will create a video for youtube.


  7. Hi, Steve. That’s an interesting idea. I’ll take a look at your website.

  8. Dear Bob: Just wanted to say that I’m enjoying all of the resources here. So interesting that you are a flamenco guitarist . . . I’m a flamenco dance teacher as well as a yoga teacher. Looking forward to continuing to read all you have written here!

  9. Thanks for writing, Rosetta. As you probably know, the gypsies originally emigrated from the same area of Northern India that spawned Yoga. You can still see the influence in the dance and hear it in the music. See this great article

    If you know more about this, please share your sources with me. You might also enjoy this latest article on Elephant:

  10. keep up the great work bob
    in peace,

  11. Thanks, Aaron. I appreciate your support very much.

  12. Yoga has a rich and complex history and as you say it can be confusing to many. The essentials in their purest form are simple yet it is coming to that state that may take more than a bit of practice.

  13. Couldn’t agree more, which is why I say so directly in the book:

    This is actually not that easy to do at first, hence the many branches of Yoga that teach a variety of techniques.

    and include a list of Recommended Reading, especially the expansive Kripalu Yoga

    I’m sure the DVD’s on your site are also very good for helping people find the right path for them.

    Thanks for writing.

  14. Thanks, I look forward to reading your Darshan!

  15. Thanks for being here, Molly. Let me know what you think.

  16. Thanks for the Twitter Follow Bob!

  17. I love hearing about people who practice in widely different spheres. I still don’t know how to organize all my different worlds so I just sort of throw it all it there. I guess it will evolve.


  18. Hi, Erika. Thanks for writing. Best wishes.

  19. Just starting this from the beginning, Bob….it’s the kind of thing you load onto the Kindle and wander down some village track near the river, sit down, and read quietly….I’m looking fwd to doing that in the coming days….:)

  20. Thanks for writing, Braja. Let me know if you’d like to discuss.

    By the way, the core essay here is an earlier version of what I eventually published on elephant here:

    Much of the other material has not been published on elephant yet, but will be in the future.


  21. I did read that article and I’m sure we talked about the book, and I think you referred me to another chapter in it at one point…..too many ej articles later, and i need a walk by the river and less internet :)

  22. Thank you for inspiring a beginner like me.

  23. You’re welcome, Christian.

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