Compassion ate Yogis

Woke up this morning, a little sleepy.  Logged in to YJ Community the way I always do.  The first thing that hit my eye was:

“Compassion ate Yogis”

which sounded like a terrible tragedy until I realized that the system had incorrectly split up the word “Compassionate”!  (Maybe I should drink a little coffee in morning before turning on my computer.)

While showering and laughing to myself about Compassion gobbling up hapless yogis en masse, it occured to me that karmic yogis are “consumed by Compassion”.  

Now, can someone please explain to me how that’s any different logically than “Compassion ate Yogis”?  Perhaps it makes sense after all!

(See why I have to write Yoga blogs?  This kind of stuff just accumulates in my head and I have to get it out.)

One Response to “Compassion ate Yogis”

  1. Yes. I do see. I really do. Thank you

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