Each Moment is Like A Precious Diamond

Each moment of existence is infinitely wondrous.

What seems like an obtuse spiritual concept at firstapollo_diamond_jewel_675612_l

Can, with practice and meditation

Become quite accessible.

The result can be almost hallucinatory.


Why do you think the most advanced sages

Often sound like they’re on drugs?

Beneath the surface talk of chakras and energy flows

And kundalini rising and union with the divine

What’s really happening

Is they have struck the mother lode

Of pure awareness

Pure awareness of the infinite wonder

In each moment of consciousness.


How wondrous would a moment be

If you only had three years instead of a lifetime?

If you had three weeks?

Three days? 

Three minutes?


How infinitely precious

Does a moment of existence become

When life is scarce

Such as near the end of life

Or when you think you’re near the end?


Suppose you love diamonds.

Now suppose you walk into a giant room

Filled with a vast number of diamonds

More than you can possibly absorb or comprehend.

What would happen?


Economically, diamonds would suddenly become worthless.


But what if you were able to continue

To love and appreciate the beauty of each individual diamond

Even though they are now plentiful rather than scarce?

You would be in diamond heaven.


That’s what each moment of life is like

To spiritual seekers who achieve pure awareness.


Does the plentifulness of moments

Make each moment less wondrous?


No, but it dilutes our awareness

So everyday life seems commonplace.


With pure awareness

Each moment of existence

Is restored to its true glorious wonder

Like an individual diamond is precious

To the diamond lover,

In spite of the infinite abundance of diamonds.

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