A Woman’s Dilemma

Today my wife complained that she should have married someone who was better at fixing things.

I told her, “Well, beautiful women like you have a tough choice in life.  They can go with the buff, sensitive, Yoga-type guys, like myself, or they can go for the handy, beer-bellied guys-with-tools who can fix everything.  I can see how that could be a tough choice.”

“I thought all this Yoga philosophy stuff was supposed to help you with your ego, Bob.”

“It is,” I replied.  “Thanks to meditation and pure awareness, I’ve come to realize how truly humble I really am.”

4 Responses to “A Woman’s Dilemma”

  1. Hahaha! Great post!

  2. Thanks, Diane.

  3. Reading your posts this morning for the first time. You know I have barely put one reluctant toe into the pond of the blogfog. Trying to figure out the point and find this. Now I know. You paint wonderful pictures.

  4. Thanks, Hilary. Glad you’re here.

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