Your Next Masterpiece


Monet haystack


What is it like to see the world

Through the eyes of a famous painter?

Suppose you are Monet or Van Gogh

Or Rembrandt or Picasso.


For the next fifteen minutes

Look at every scene passing in front of your eyes

As the frame for your next masterpiece.

Can you see twenty-five different paintings

In the same simple country haystack?


Look at the rich array of details that emerge

From scenes you didn’t even notice before.

How vivid do the colors become 

Or even the countless colorless subtle shades of grey

When you need to match them to your palette?


How infinitely fascinating is any scene

When you need to interpret

Every line and shape and texture and nuance

With your charcoal or brush?


How convincingly does this reflect

The startling infinite fascinating wonder

Of the workaday universe itself?

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