Monte the new young seeker

Approached the hermit philosopher Bob:


What is it that brings us happiness?

I am deeply troubled by this in my life.

I seek guidance from your superior years

And knowledge of the ancient Yoga texts.


I will answer directly, but first you should know

Some people question why I should be called “philosopher”.

They speak with reason,

For I do not have the university sheepskin

Nor the Yoga Alliance certification,

Only my own deep study of the ancient Yoga sages.

But it does not matter what I am called.

Judge by yourself from my words alone.

All you desire to learn about happiness

Is to be found in the ancient scriptures.

Study the Bhagavad Gita, the Yoga Sutra, and the Upanishads

Until they are as close to your heart as your heart itself.

Then you will know how to be truly happy.


I will.  But can you not tell me yourself

Right here, right now, what I am to learn?


From the Bhagavad Gita

You will learn to live the life you are destined to live

Always full of love in your heart,

To live with great purpose and to act decisively

But with no ego attachment to the results.

From the Yoga Sutra

You will learn that the secret of happiness

Is strong self-discipline of the body and the mind

And the ability to penetrate deeply

Into the true nature of reality.

From the Upanishads

You will learn that you are already supremely happy

Because you are already perfect and divine.

You are already the absolute wonder of the universe.


These are indeed overwhelming truths.

I will study the Gita, the Sutra, and the Upanishads.

But what can I do right now

To begin to experience these truths?


Focus gently on the present moment

Without judgment or ego.

Focusing on the present moment

Will allow you to act decisively with love

Without being attached to the results

As prescribed in the Bhagavad Gita.

Concentrating on the present moment

Is the essence of self-discipline and meditation

As prescribed in the Yoga Sutra.

By focusing on the present moment

You will start to see

That every moment is divine and precious

And that you are already the very life force of the universe

As taught in the Upanishads.


My mind spins.  I ache for more.

I will approach these profound and ancient texts

With an open heart

And a fervent desire to drink of their wisdom.

Upanishads cover


  1. beautiful questions and wise responses from your heart. I had a dream the other night. Two elderly women with beauty parlor permanent gray curls in their hair came to my door. They asked me to prepare a meal from them…I would find the recipes in the Upanishads…I told them, I’m so sorry, I cannot cook right now…I do not have the physical strength to prepare you a meal…and I don’t think there are recipes in the Upanishads…they assured me there are…and that indeed the strength is inside of me.

    I think perhaps this dream was about nourishing myself through deeper study, not necessarily from books, but from my own observations of my inner life…this is where my nourishment and strength will come from…does come from…love to hear your response to my interpretation of this dream Bob.


  2. Hi, Laura. I think your interpretation makes perfect sense! Thanks for sharing your beautiful dream with us.


  3. […] For a quick summary of what I mean by ancient Yoga philosophy, see: “What Is It That Brings Us Happiness?” […]

  4. Excellent reading..!!.Thanks..!!

  5. Thank you, Sakthivel. Glad you enjoyed it.


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