Let’s begin by talking about the Six Big Ideas of Yoga Philosophy.

It took me awhile to fully appreciate the truth and depth of these six simple gems, but now I’ve kind of internalized them and they have made my life immeasurably richer.

1) Each of us is already infinitely wondrous—miraculous, awe-inspiring, unfathomable.  (This is well hidden beneath the distractions and emotions of everyday life.)

2) Our wondrous nature is the same as the infinite wonder of the universe.

3) The way to experience our wondrous self is to fully experience the present moment, since each moment of consciousness is infinitely wondrous in itself.

4) The mind, body, and spirit are inseparable.

5) Experiencing our wondrous self leads to an abundance of joy and goodness.

6) The techniques of Yoga, leading toward pure awareness”, are one method for discovering our true wondrous nature.

Let’s take these one at a time.

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