Yoga has transformed my tennis

Like it has transformed everything else.yellow-tennis-ball-700770-l


From the Sutra

I learned to focus on the ball

With single-pointed concentration

To the exclusion of all distractions.


From the Gita

I learned to play hard

Like Arjuna the Warrior

While detaching my ego from the results.


From the Upanishads

I learned cosmic exultation

That all these diverse molecules

Can do all these wondrous things together.


I no longer throw my racket

When I miss an easy shot.

I no longer stay depressed for days

After losing a tough match.


The only problem is

Today I was beaten badly

Because I was distracted

Writing this poem in my head

While I played.


  1. This is great! Very pragmatic.

  2. Thanks, Lisa Minn. Glad you liked it.

  3. So great! Thank you for the smiles!!

  4. Delightful. The end made me laugh.

  5. Thanks, Carol.

  6. Very nice, but I’ve still gotta question how spiritual tennis can be when ending up with love means you lost…

  7. Hmmm, YfC. As usual you bring up a challenging theological point. I’ll have to take that one up with my guru.

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