Can Yogis Be Jealous?


Can Yogis be jealous?  

A fellow blogger asked me recently.


I replied:

Sure, yogis can be jealous. 

But then we step outside ourselves

And view our jealousy with pure awareness

Without judgment

and without ego.


At that point

We become blissfully purely aware that

We also want to strangle the other person.

8 Responses to “Can Yogis Be Jealous?”

  1. Love this post, really helped me allow myself to feel what I was feeling and make it through a tough day. Namaste

  2. Thanks, Robbie. Glad it was helpful.

  3. I love this!! Thank you!! I can’t wait to share this with everyone!! Namaskar

  4. Thanks, Juls. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Emer, I love your site and I laughed out loud when I read this. It reminded me that it’s okay to feel angry….ride the wave and then let it go!! All the very best of everything.

  6. Hi, Candace. Thank you for your warm words of appreciation. Glad you enjoyed it.

  7. So long ago you wrote this and so apropiate right now! Thank you. :) you help me to take it easier woth my own emotions!

  8. Thank you, so good to see our emotions in a lighter way!

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