Yoga and Mozart

I’ve decided to dispense with Yoga

And just listen to Mozart all the time.

It gives me the same sense of wonder.

It fills me with the same infinite cosmic joy.

It collapses my entire being into the present moment

Where the music is divine

I am divine

You are divine

The whole world is one and divine.

I’ve decided to dispense with Yoga

And just listen to Mozart all the time.

But then again

Why not have both?

For are they not one and the same?

4 Responses to “Yoga and Mozart”

  1. Bob, is this your poem? It is beyond wonderful. Can’t tell you how much it means to me. CLICKY to read quick post of mine last Mozart’s birthday to get an idea of how much!

    I’m going to print this out because it’s the incentive I need to get back into my yoga practice. Been away from it for a year and truly don’t understand how/why.

    Thank you for this ultimately beautiful poem.

    Lydia at Clutterquake and Writerquake

  2. Lydia. Yes, it’s mine. Just kind of popped out one day. It gives me great pleasure to hear that this spoke to you so deeply. Thank you for telling me.

    (Please resend the link marked CLICKY, as it doesn’t go anywhere right now.)

  3. Bob,

    This is absolutely beautiful! I love it. It truly describes how it feels to listen to music that speaks to the soul. Thank you infinitely!

  4. Thanks for writing, Mary. I’m so glad it spoke to you.

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