Coming to Terms with Infinite Joy

Infinity is a difficult concept

To get your brain around.ngoz_water_ocean_271075_l

But the Yoga sages of the past 

Weren’t just messing around

When they talked about Yoga

Leading to “infinite joy”.


Have you ever been to Niagara Falls?  

They have tunnels there

Where you can walk down behind the Falls

So close you can actually reach out

And touch the torrent.  


Imagine your ordinary awareness

As a cup you are holding in your hand.  


Now imagine the Falls

As the infinite joy of cosmic consciousness

And the practice of Yoga

Like holding the cup out

Under the rushing torrent.


Or imagine your ordinary awareness

As being like the air

Trapped underneath an inverted cup

At the bottom of the ocean.  


Now imagine turning the cup right-side-up

So that your ordinary awareness

Merges with the universal consciousness

Of the entire ocean —

The infinite joy of pure awareness.


If you were a wave in the ocean

And someone asked you what you are

Would you answer

“I am a wave”

or would you answer

“I am the ocean”?

4 Responses to “Coming to Terms with Infinite Joy”

  1. hahah! Nice! Love the image of the waterfall and the cup:)

  2. Thanks, Celia. Good to see you here.

  3. Beautiful Bob! Thanks for writing it! The times when I am most content are when I am least aware of my separateness. I am the ocean!

  4. Thanks, Kate. Glad you enjoyed it. I was just updating this page this evening. I’m gradually publishing everything here on Elephant, but I still will always keep this website, too.

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