Like Waves or Ocean?


It’s true

We are like waves in the ocean

We are more truly the ocean than the wave.


But what if there were a wave that lasted 70 years

And was conscious and could interact with other waves 

And could sing and dance and create new waves

Before ultimately merging back into the infinite ocean?


We would be in awe of those waves

We would flock to see those waves

We would rejoice in their very existence

And our ability to perceive them

Until they eventually returned

To their true eternal ocean selves.

3 Responses to “Like Waves or Ocean?”

  1. I enjoy being a fellow wave with you, Bob:)

  2. Wow – I’m a singing, dancing wave and I never even knew it! My surf is up 24/7!

    Thanks for the great musings on this blog!

  3. Maria, thanks for commenting. Glad you’re here.

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