Bob The Philosopher King

I’ve decided to become a Philosopher King.  It seems like the right career path for me.

I made a list of plusses and minuses.  On the plus side:

  • I like philosophy and world affairs.
  • I like to think and write.
  • I like being in charge.
  • I’m good with people.
  • I’m already the group leader for the Yoga Journal Philosophy Group.
  • My 25 years running software companies gives me a pretty good handle on the King part.
On the minus side:
  • There aren’t too many openings for Philosopher Kings right now.
  • The competition is pretty stiff for the openings that do come up.
  • It’s a pretty heavy responsibility when you think about it.
  • I would have to come out of retirement.
  • It would take time away from my writing and music.

Given all that, perhaps the best thing for me is to focus on the philosophy part of the job for right now.  That way when the next opening for Philosopher King comes up I’ll be better prepared, and I can consider all my options at that time.

2 Responses to “Bob The Philosopher King”

  1. I love this post. I’m thinking of printing it out and hanging it on my office wall. Seriously.

  2. Hi, Nathan. Thanks so much for your comment. I actually hesitated to include this particular piece in my eBook because it’s not strictly on message and I wasn’t sure everyone would get the joke. But in the end, I liked it too much to leave out. Glad to know you liked it.

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