Can you summarize your spiritual beliefs in 5-6 sentences?



Here’s a challenge for you.  Can you summarize your spiritual beliefs in 5-6 sentences?

I asked this question in an article I just wrote for Elephant Journal.  Please go there to read the article and answer the challenge:

(Or, if you prefer, comment below and I’ll transfer your comment over to Elephant Journal.  I want to collect all the responses in one place.)

I look forward to seeing your answers.

~ by Bob Weisenberg on November 30, 2009.

9 Responses to “Can you summarize your spiritual beliefs in 5-6 sentences?”

  1. I like this, here are mine

    We are all one, if I say something about someone I am saying it about me, there is no “them”, we are all “we”, therefore, the only way I can get anything I want is by giving it to others

    Silence and meditation are the only way to growth, it is in the silence that we access our infinite potential

    I wish I can be enlightened in this lifetime, I really would like not to have to come back (I know it is an attachment issue but a good one)

    A good asana practice grounds me and leads me towards the other branches of yoga and towards meditation

    Words are powerful VERY POWERFUL spells with a lot more power than we think, therefore, we must, MUST be conscious of every word we utter

    What goes around comes around

  2. What are you doing right now? Truth has already appeared, right in front of you, in this moment.

  3. 1 I believe that we are all holy beings and that we are connected and responsible for each other’s well being, but forget that sometimes.
    2 I believe in the power of silence and deep listening to guide us to experiences beyond words, even though I am quite fond of words.
    3 I also believe our words and body language are powerful and can be used for goodness or hurtfulness, depending on our level of awareness.
    4 I believe that all beings (including animals) are creative in our own unique ways.
    5 I believe in an essence, a Presence beyond, between, inside and around us all that is/was/will always be Present; in English I call this Unfathomable and yet Knowable on some level BEINGNESS, God.

  4. Thanks, Laura. I’ve copied your replay over to Elephant Journal for readers over there to enjoy.

  5. Wow, thanks Bob…that’s awesome!


  6. I should try and be as compassionate as possible, regardless of the existence or nonexistence of God, gods, heaven, hell, karma, or any possible rewards or punishments in this or any other life.
    Everybody’s as sacred and holy as anybody else.
    Any morality that isn’t based solidly in compassion isn’t worth having.
    The only way not to hate myself is not to hate anybody else, either.
    The only way to have everything I want is to want only what I have.
    I don’t know anything.

  7. Thanks, YogaforCynics. That’s an interesting and unusual answer. I’ve copied it over to Elephant Journal for the readers over there.

  8. OMG! These are SOO cute!! So creative… This is one of the greatest post i have seen ever


  9. Thanks for writing, Susan. Glad to see you here.

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