Welcome Back to Yoga Journal Community’s 3rd Member!

yogirev is back.  Well sort of.  Just to say hello.  Says he’s too busy to blog right now.  But I solved that problem for him below in the last paragraph.

For all you new members out there, yogirev was the third member, yes you’re reading that right, the THIRD MEMBER of the Yoga Journal Community!  (Now we have over 13,000 members, not all active, of course, but who have signed up at one time or another.) 

How do I know that?  I read it in yogirev’s third blog entry form just over a year ago:

When I joined this group, just a couple of days ago, I was the third one. Now look at us! There are twelve and I bet more are on the way.

I have a lot of affection for yogirev because he helped me get acquainted when I joined a few months later, and because he always wrote the most irreverent and funny blogs.  Here’s his fourth post, probably written for 20 members:

Ok, I want to know if Ahimsa includes snails!  I mean, I just went out to my garden to pick a tomato and the little buggers have eaten all my tomatoes.  I am feeling very violent toward them right now.  I suppose I should practice aparigraha and not be grasping about my tomatoes, but I really wanted one.  I mean, kama is about having pleasure in life, right?  I would have had kama while eating a tomato.  Did the snail feel kama?  I bet that little jerk didn’t feel a thing. I do think I heard lettle snail giggling as I left the garden in a huff.

Shanti, shanti. (little jerks!)

Do yourself a favor and go read some of yogirev’s other 47 blogs.  I hope he has time to come back someday.

Yogirev, could I suggest that you just pick out your favorite blogs from the past and reissue them one every week for awhile.  They will be brand new to the vast majority of readers, and they will love them.

Thanks, yogirev.

~ by Bob Weisenberg on December 3, 2009.

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