This Is Like A Big Coffee House Where All Your Yoga Friends Hang Out

(I wrote this about the Yoga Journal Community, but it also applies to the whole Yoga “blogosphere”:)

I suddenly realized the other day why I love the Yoga Journal Community so much.  It’s like a big coffee house where all your Yoga friends hang out.

Like in a busy coffee house, things are a little chaotic here. 

You don’t expect to be able to be a part of every conversation every day.

You drop in when you can. 

You hear snippets here and snippets there as you move about.

You reconnect with old friends and make new friends.

Sometimes you start the conversation. 

Sometimes you jump into a conversation.

Sometimes you just listen to the conversation.

If you come back in a few hours the crowd is different.

You try your best to catch up, even though you know you never really can.

But whatever you do and whomever you see, it’s always just plain fun to hang out here and be part of the action.

Thanks for walking in, and please drop by again whenever you can.

~ by Bob Weisenberg on January 17, 2010.

20 Responses to “This Is Like A Big Coffee House Where All Your Yoga Friends Hang Out”

  1. Nice metaphor…particularly as it combines two things I enjoy so much…coffee (and the houses in which its drunk) and yoga (and the places in which its thunk) (okay, that didn’t really work, but I felt the perhaps irrational need for a rhyme)…

  2. Love it. I just love the whole blogging – social media – internet global community! Never before have I had friends in so many places all over the world.

  3. Yoga for Cynics, What are you talking about? That’s a great line! It made me laugh, and it was so clever I had to read it over again to make sure it was as clever as I thought it was!

    Amy, thanks for visiting.

  4. Yes, the online Yoga community is indeed like a big virtual coffee/herbal tea house, where you can drop in for some quick yoga chit-chat without everyone you know going “oh, no, she’s talking about that Yoga stuff again…” :) Thanks for the reminder!

  5. I agree, YogaforCynics, that line was great – got goofy SMILES from me – love it! Bob, this post made me goofy, too. Thank you. Couldn’t have said it better. This latte’s for you!

  6. Bree, yes I recognize that experience! When I first got into Yoga I was so excited by my momentous discoveries that I blurted out Yoga ideas in the middle of unrelated conversations.

    Eventually, after enough rollling eyeballs, I learned to control myself, especially with my family. Generally that means I keep it to myself, unless I’m really sure someone will be interested.

    That doesn’t mean I don’t still enjoy my momentous discoveries, however. It’s just that now their delicious mostly secret treasures.

  7. Linsa, Thanks. See, YogaforCynics, I’m not the only one who thinks you’re funny.

  8. Love the where Yoga is thunk – very Dr. Seuss.

    Bree, I agree. I find I talk about yoga, my blog, my obession to whomever will lend an ear. Then when I walk away I realise what a terrible listener I’ve been and vow to be more present. Sometimes yoga can be very un-yoga and prevent authenticity and true connections – now there’s irony. Thank goodness in the yoga coffee house that doesn’t happen because everyone is talking yoga, living yoga, being yoga. Maybe that’s why I feel so comfortable here and keep coming back for more.

    Thanks for the metaphor, Bob.

  9. yep= Dr. Jay, that was an awesome line.
    Bob- you are so very right. I agree with Dr. Jay- i love coffee and their spaces and yoga convos :) I usually peruse blogs while I drink my coffee too… so it’s ALMOST exactly the same! perhaps we should all blog from coffee shops… but then we’d be kinda like those coffee shop internet artsy fartsy people. which is fine.

    anyhoo- loved the metaphor :)

  10. yay!

    (though after reading this post, the theme song from “friends” got stuck in my head)

  11. So very true Bob, and from my experience, this is true within many facets of the blogosphere, or coffee shops – the artist one, music one, yoga one, environmental, etc. At it’s best, inside coffee shop is bustling and many tables get pulled together – before you know it there is a large enthusiastic group beckoning back to what I imagine artist’s salons were like, where creativity, beliefs, and ideas are challenged and explored and time slips past without notice … finally, pulling away from the table, there is a sense of fullness and deep satisfaction!

  12. …and we love your yoga outbursts, Bob. It’s so nice to have your calm, reasoned reminders when the unsubstantiated generalizations begin to fly. Love it when you request clarification!

    Drink up!

  13. Thanks for visiting, Brenda.

  14. Being part of a community is so healing for pack animals like us humans…I never would have believed this to be possible in a “virtual” community before I started blogging…but it IS! I feel so blessed to be a part of a truly sacred global community. Haaaaaaaaa.
    Big heart sigh of release, relief, gratitude.

  15. Laura, thanks for visiting. I would not have believed it either before experiencing it.

  16. Thanks, Bob! “Coffee-drunk, Yoga-thunk”. Yes! YogaforCynics, perfect!

  17. Brooks, thanks for commenting. Yes, I loved that line from Jay, too.

  18. fantastic metaphor! Just caught this from your link at I am actually sitting in a coffee shop in Tbilisi, Georgia (former Soviet) right this second! YogaforCynics, I absolutely agree with you :)

  19. Thanks, Elize. First comment I’ve gotten from Tbilisi. I love the global reach of the Yoga blogosphere.

  20. Sublime happiness for me over the past 3 years (when I started practicing asana) is quiet time with my family, a satisfying yoga practice and a roasty, toasty americano (3shots espresso no cow or sugar). Now this vibe available on a blog, veeeeery nice!! Thank you for hosting Bob.

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