Yoga of the Heart

When I want to reconnect

With the infinite wonder of the universe

And remember

That I’m an integral part

Of that infinite wonder,

I often just relax and think

About the infinite wonder of my heart

And the way it pumps nourishment

From the air we breathe

Throughout our wondrous bodies.

How can anyone doubt

That body and spirit and universe

Are one

When we can feel

The awesome unfathomableness

Of the heart

In all its physical and spiritual wonder

Embracing, dancing with the breath

Every moment of our lives?

(Inspired by Donna Freeman’s article “In Search of a Soft Heart” on Elephant Journal.)

P.S. Several days after writing the above, I was astounded to happen upon this verse in the Yoga Sutra:

“Focusing with perfect discipline on the heart, one understands the nature of consciousness” (Yoga Sutra 3:35)

~ by Bob Weisenberg on February 3, 2010.

4 Responses to “Yoga of the Heart”

  1. lovely, Bob! what a powerful reminder of our ~oneness~
    Thank you!

  2. Thanks, Elize.

  3. oh i like this poem. it’s beautiful. :)

  4. Thanks, ecoYogini. I’m so glad you liked it. What a surprise it was to find the exact same sentiment in the Yoga Sutra.

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