Please help me choose a subtitle for my book

I need some help choosing the subtitle for my book Yoga Demystified.

Right now it’s an eBook available in its entirety on this site and as a download.  But I’m planning on publishing it in paperback, too, simply because I’ve come to realize that many people aren’t yet comfortable reading books online or downloading them.

I’m looking for quick reactions.  It’s fine if you haven’t read the eBook, because I’m interested in which subtitle is more likely to draw new people in.  Here are the choices I have in front of me right now, but I’m certainly interested in other suggestions, too:

Yoga Demystified [no subtitle]

Yoga Demystified–The Art of Cosmic Joy

Yoga Demystified–The Wonder of Being Alive

Yoga Demystified–Each Moment a Precious Diamond

Please help me out by giving me you opinion.



~ by Bob Weisenberg on February 6, 2010.

16 Responses to “Please help me choose a subtitle for my book”

  1. I like the title with the art of cosmic joy. It just sounds good when I read it.

  2. A phrase I came up with in my latest pose to express the range of curren ideas about yoga might work: “from hot buns to bhakti.”

    On the other hand, I might save that for the long awaited Yoga for Cynics, the Book…

  3. I think I like “The Art of Cosmic Joy” best – although I also liked that blog title, “am I going bonkers or have I reached Nirvana?” ;)

  4. i vote for “the wonder of being alive.” i feel that best captures your approach to yoga.

  5. Hi Bob first choice YD-the wonder of being alive. Best Wishes Seva

  6. I like ‘the art of cosmic joy’ but I also like simply ‘yoga demystified’…. :)

    well, i like Dr. Jay’s too… but perhaps not for your book lol. :)

    Yay paperback!! congrats Bob!

  7. I like simplicity when it comes to things yoga related. Yoga Demystified is the title that would grab my attention – and keep it.

  8. I agree with keeping it simple, yoga demystified is enough for me too, “the art of cosmic joy” points to myth to me again.. “the wonder of being alive” sounds a little simpler, and I prefer that one, and the last one “Each moment a precious Diamond” throws in new images… I prefer the title with no subtitle… OR, if a subtitle must be had, then something that points to why is it demystified, as in “because it does not have to be complicated”, or “because yoga is simple”, or “because you can do yoga in the subway”… these are just brain storming actually not actual subtitle suggestions. Good luck with this!

  9. Hi Bob.

    Since you asked… I realized, as I was commenting over at YogaforCynics post about your e-book, that the title troubles me. I don’t want my yoga demystified. It is my belief that peoples yoga practices are very personal and unique to them. We each have to discover for ourselves what yoga is for us. Yoga is experiential. Words can’t and shouldn’t attempt to demystify what is beyond words.

    I liked reading your playful and lighthearted e-book. The title was a bit heavy, that’s all.

    Thanks for sharing this lengthy offering about your yoga experience.

  10. i once had a teacher who said, “brevity is the key to successful communication.” so… i agree :)

  11. I vote for the wonder of being alive – I disagree with no use of a subtitle. As an author you need a subtitle to provide more information for potential buyers. Those who know Bob and his writing understand the Yoga Demystified. The masses may require further enticements to pick up the book and purchase it. With my book Once Upon a Pose – it definitely required a subtitle with clarification therefore “A Guide to Yoga Adventure Stories for Children” but it took about a month of coming up with various options before this one stuck.

    Best of luck

  12. I am most attracted to “the Wonder of Being Alive” and “Each Moment a Precious Diamond”… both subtitles invoke a sense of the ordinary feeling extraordinary, as if seemingly mundane existence can feel charged & electric… if attracting people who may be curious about yoga but feel somehow intimidated/threatened/put off by some of the “esoteric”, etc connotations with it, a subtitle that allows the reader to feel that the ordinary is special & within comprehension may be the way to go….

  13. Hi Bob,
    I like the wonder of being alive…rings so true for me.

  14. I think that you should call the book, “The Wonder of Being Alive” and let “Yoga Demystified” be the optional subtitle since yoga is just the tool we use. My feeling is that more potential/new yogi/yoginis would be snagged by living their lives fully by whatever means possible. Food for thought. You’ll probably come up with something even better than that. Good luck with your book!

  15. I liked the wonder of being alive one but the cosmic joy would also work. Thanks for visiting my blog and for directing me here.


  16. Thanks for writing Erika.

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