New Chopra/Stiles iPhone “Authentic Yoga”

Excellent discussion of new Chopra/Stiles iPhone “Authentic Yoga” at YogaDork

Here was my comment on the above:

Great blog, Yogadork!

As you may recall, I have frequently referred to Chopra, in spite of his glittering Hollywood image, as “A Modern Sage of the Upanishads”. Even on Twitter, almost everything he writes could have come straight out of the ancient Yoga texts. He is, in fact, the world’s foremost practitioner of Ratra (Radical Traditional) Yoga.

This lineage of Chopra’s is somewhat obscured by his slick, sometimes even misleading marketing, by all the other things he has gotten into, and by his association with Hollywood. But just read his books or hear him talk, even on this brief video above, and his traditional Yoga philosophy becomes richly evident.

Chopra doesn’t hide his Yoga background, but he usually doesn’t emphasize it either, because above all else, like the writers of the Upanishads, he’s a universalist. All spiritual paths lead to the same timeless realities. So it’s good to see him come out with a specifically Yoga product, which will hopefully clarify to the world his foundation in ancient Yoga philosophy.

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~ by Bob Weisenberg on March 12, 2010.

One Response to “New Chopra/Stiles iPhone “Authentic Yoga””

  1. Ah, I love that you point out how “Chopra doesn’t hide his Yoga… doesn’t emphasize… universalist.” So true! I really value that acceptance/tolerance so very much.

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