“Gita Talk”Gets Rolling on Elephant Journal

Bhagavad Gita Mitchell

The response to my Gita Talk blog was overwhelming, with over 50 enthusiastic people agreeing to join us for an online discsussion of the Bhagavad Gita.

Please click over to Gita Talk #1: First Assignment–Read the Introduction on Elephant Journal.  We’d love to see you there.

~ by Bob Weisenberg on April 18, 2010.

2 Responses to ““Gita Talk”Gets Rolling on Elephant Journal”

  1. Bob, thanks for dropping by my blog and I’m so glad I swung by to check yours out as well. I’m really looking forward to having a deeper read when I get a chance. My blogging is fairly random, hence the name, but I try to stay in touch with a number of bloggers all over. Catch you around…

  2. No problem, Rand(Om) Bites. I have trouble keeping up with everything I’d like to in the blogosphere, too. Right now I’m completely absorbed in making “Gita Talk” work to everyone’s enjoyment and satisfaction. Your site really did stand out, though.

    Best wishes.

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