Gita Talk #2: Greetings, Gita Geeks. How is your reading coming?

(This is copy of the “Gita Talk #2” blog on Elephant Journal.  You are welcome to comment below, but I prefer that you click over to Elephant so we can keep most of the discussion in one place. Thanks.)

Greetings, Gita Geeks. How is your reading coming?

Starting on Monday, May 3rd, we’ll begin discussion on our first reading assignment, which runs through page 35. (see Gita Talk #1: First Assignment–Read the Introduction ). Hopefully you all have your book by now.

We’ll keep things moving with a reading assignment and discussion blog every Monday. I’m guessing some things will generate so much discussion that I’ll put out some special topic blogs as well. We’ll see how it goes.

I hope you will ask questions, comment, and reply freely as we move forward. We’re depending on your enthusiastic participation.

We welcome questions and comments at all levels. We have a wide variety of experience, from first time readers to veteran devotees. That should make for some really interesting discussions for everyone.

Right now, tell us about your impressions of the Gita going in and anything else you’d like to ask or discuss before we get rolling in earnest on May 3rd.

Thanks for joining us.

Facebook and Twitter

I’ve set up a Facebook group for us called “Gita Talk at Elephant Journal”. It will allow us to send each other direct messages. I hope you will all join this group, but it’s not required. It’s an optional group for us to get to know each other better and to attract more participants. The Elephant Journal blogs will be where all the action is.

I’ve also created a hashtag #gitatalk on Twitter. This is another optional way for us to talk to each other. Just include #gitatalk whenever you write a tweet you want us to see and keep an eye on #gitatalk so you’ll see any tweets that we write. Again, this is entirely optional. (Since this online book discussion is an experiment, I’m experimenting.)

~ by Bob Weisenberg on April 27, 2010.

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