Gita in a Nutshell: Big Ideas and Best Quotations

Gita Talk #16: In a Nutshell: The Big Ideas and Best Quotations

It’s really quite enlightening (so to speak) to read the Gita thematically instead of in the order it’s written. I’ve made that easier for you by matching up the big ideas of the Gita with the best quotations and the related Gita Talks. Tell me what you think.

(I’ve been working on this challenging project since the beginning of Gita Talk.  Spurred on by our provocative Gita Talk discussions, I’ve read the Gita over and over again, experiencing, thinking, absorbing, sifting, experiencing again, sifting again, etc.  It has truly been its own reward–the Gita helps me lead a better life every day.  If my work here helps you “get” the Gita, so much the better.)

~ by Bob Weisenberg on August 9, 2010.

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