Catchup: Gita in a Nutshell #5 th #11

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Hi, everyone.  I’ve been so busy with my new job as Yoga Editor for Elephant Journal that I got way behind in posting Gita in a Nutshell here .  This will catch you up-to-date:

#11: The Yoga of Meditation.

#10: The Yoga of Understanding.

#9: Different Yoga Strokes for Different Yoga Folks.

#8: Does the Infinitely Wondrous Universe Give a Damn About You and Me?

#7: Is the Gita Asking Us to Repress Our Emotions?

#6: Gandhi’s Bible or a Call to War?

#5: Why Is the Gita So Upsetting At First?


Bob Weisenberg
Yoga Editor
Elephant Journal

~ by Bob Weisenberg on February 16, 2011.

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